JCI Bangladesh Local Chapters

JCI Dhaka Achievers

JCI Dhaka Achievers is a newly launched Local Chapter of JCI Bangladesh. With the dynamic leaders and members this chapter run successfully throughout the year.

JCI Dhaka Aspirants

JCI Dhaka Aspirants is a newly launched chapter and Mr. Tarif Mohammed Khan a business man by profession led the chapter with the distinctive way.

JCI Dhaka Aspire

JCI Dhaka Aspire has vision to change the life of underprivileged society by providing and supporting the sustainable goal.

JCI Dhaka Astral

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JCI Dhaka Central

JCI Dhaka Central ICI Dhaka Central started its sailing for the of 2019 and this year 2021 Led by dynamic leader Mr. Khandker Faisal Mahmood and his crewmembers.

JCI Dhaka Young

JCI Dhaka Young is a platform where your ideas take shape and your skills are honed. This is a platform where worthwhile things happen.

JCI Dhaka Cosmopolitan

JCI Dhaka Cosmopolitan will connect people, their communities and the global society

JCI Dhaka United

JCI Dhaka United work for the betterment of the society. It’s a plot where one can develop thyself.

JCI Dhaka Entrepreneurs

JCI Dhaka Entrepreneurs works with innovative actions, remarkable achievements and persevering dedication.

JCI Dhaka Heritage

Aspire to do better, always assist us to invest our time in different activities and learning, emphasize us to be better in every aspects.

JCI Dhaka Independent

Members at JCI come from various backgrounds and professions and learn to adapt to each for accomplishing a bigger goal of creating an impact in our community.

JCI Dhaka North

JCI Dhaka North being one of the oldest and having 21 years of experience serving the local community for humanitarian causes.

JCI Dhaka South

JCI Dhaka South not only raise awareness through our online platform outlets but also take on actions whether within our global and local communities.

JCI Dhaka East

JCI Dhaka East work for people, create awareness regarding children, feminine health, mental health etc.

JCI Dhaka West

A platform where i find better version of myself and explore my inner leadership skills to create positive footprint in society.

JCI Dhaka Uptown

JCI Dhaka Uptown has successfully implemented their first project of the year “Orphan Aid Project 2021”. The project was based in Narayanganj district in Sonargaon.

JCI Chittagong

JCI Chittagong has been indulging with bringing sustainable impact in society..

JCI Sylhet Platinum

JCI is the opportunity for young entrepreneurs, who is doing good in their career, and also who wants to do something innovative in their career life.