Dhaka Cosmopolitan

Saif Uddowlah

2021 Local President 

LP Quote

“JCI Dhaka Cosmopolitan will connect people, their communities & the global society”


1st project

Project Shukher Thikana

Phase 1 

This was conducted on old age home, where we provided blankets and mosquito nets. This is in align with RISE point 3. Preserving mental health and well-being.

Phase 2 – Feed the people in need – Completed

We distributed Iftar to the unprivileged street people and people in need during Ramadan and Covid Lockdown. This was done in Collaboration with Amrai Kingbadonti Foundation. 

Phase 3 – Changing Lives – WIP part 1 completed part 2 to be done by October 31st 2021

We distributed Adomos, and Aerosol to Child and Old care home in Kollanpure and Apan Nibash Bishasrom in Uttar Khan.  We also distributed toys to the orphan children living in this place. 

2nd Project

HR Connect

Creating a platform where entrepreneurs as well as job seekers can connect, share skillset and ideas and form partnerships. The project will also comprise of nationwide career development sessions with youth residing outside the capital. Total 8 sessions are planned out of which 7 have been completed. 8th session will be completed by 1st week of November 2021.

3rd project

Project Gray Ribbon 

This we have done jointly with JCI Dhaka East as a cross chapter project and in collaboration with Sukorma Foundation supported by GD Assist and Protidhoni Foundation

In collaboration with Sukorma foundation we have done a survey on street children in Dhaka city. Among them we found 30 street children who needs rehabilitation for better life post covid lockdown. We will try to arrange rehabilitation. In the first step of rehabilitation we want to give them mental support, health checkup and to understand them better. That is why we trying to arrange free mental health checkup and awareness campaign for those children on 16th October 2021.