Dhaka Heritage

Nahida Akter

2021 Local president 

LP quote

Aspire to do better, always assist us to invest our time in different activities and learning, emphasize us to be better in networking, presenting ourselves and being active citizens to contribute on positive changes which creating a sustainable impact in our local communities. Freedom of speech, respecting each other and listening to each other makes scope for constant learning and dialogues that are creating dramatic change in our private life as well as work life and making us result-oriented visionary leaders.

1st project 

Robot Nokshar Ashor 2021 – was a Nation-Wide Robotics Hackathon which was organized by Daffodil International University and JCI Dhaka Heritage was one of the Organizing Partner along with a2i Programme of Bangladesh Government. This Hackathon assists JCI to reach and visible on almost 15,000+ students and professionals where an active participation was made by JCI Dhaka Heritage.

2nd project

An Webinar on ¨Robotics: Fostering growth in Country’s Automation Sector¨ was another successful even by JCI Dhaka Heritage. It was live on Campus TV where 2000+ active viewer was recorded. The webinar was organized by Daffodil International University, JCI Dhaka Heritage and a2i Programme of Bangladesh Government. Our National President Mr. Niaz Morshed was present there as one of our Guest Speaker along with LP Nahida Akter.

3rd project

JCI Dhaka Heritage was working with Bangladesh Wheelchair Cricket – BWC as Partner on National Wheelchair Cricket Competition. It was a great social responsibility towards unprivileged people and to explore their secret talent to the society.

GOAL 4: Quality Education;

GOAL 5: Gender Equality;

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure;

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality;

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal