Dhaka Independent

As the JCI Mission says- “To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change”, we at JCI come from various backgrounds and professions and learn to adapt to each for accomplishing a bigger goal of creating an impact in our community. I was always active in social work in my personal life but I feel together we can achieve more, deliver more and hence leave a long lasting impact. Especially as a Local President, I have felt that to give is a better satisfaction than to take or ask for oneself. When a group of people gathers under one’s leadership then it is the leader’s responsibility to make the members feel empowered by creating opportunities for them. I have learned to put others first.

“Inclusivity is not a privilege” – In the current social context transgendered people are either being overlooked or lagging in getting formal employment and in order to bring them to the mainstream it is important to create an enabling environment to get them in the mainstreaming processes.We aim to help to minimize the gap with the people from the transgendered community and the employers.So far we had an orientation session on Gender Equality and diversity for JCI members & other stakeholders to have better understanding of the transgender population and thereby a discussion on how to include them in the main stream work force which reached to 1.2 miliion population through media.Mr. M A Mannan, Honourable Minister, Ministry of Planning was present as Chief Guest.Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Amader Bhabna Association (ABHA) to work closely with the transgenders/transformed community and other stakeholders for the project. JCI Dhaka Independent and MBM-Munshi Bangladesh Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work closely with the transgenders/transformed community. Here, JCI Dhaka Independent will act as the bridge between underprivileged transgender communities & MBM-Munshi Bangladesh Limited. MBM-Munshi will help and promote the transgender community by providing mainstream job opportunity. We also did a Workshop on Capacity Development for Transgender Population’ . The training was conducted by Najia Nuray Jarin, Lawyer and Rights Activist and Nazia Zebin, Consultant of Gender Diversity and Inclusion. Participants were handed over certificates.

“Phirey Ashaar Lorai” – A global pandemic has made many people lose their livelihoods and shrunk their financial ability. With the intention to stand beside those who have lost a job, a business or an earning family member to COVID-19, we initiated “Phirey Ashaar Lorai”.Under this project, we aim to rehabilitate such group individuals to revive their economic solvency by creating new earning opportunities for them. So far we have handed over 5 sewing machines to those families with the hope of giving them a fresh start & creating a regular income source for the affected women. Every woman who received the donation is already trained by Sombhabona, a social welfare organisation working for underprivileged children & their family for skill development. We are also in process of a setting up a pharmacy for a man who lost his job in pandemic and his wife is bed ridden with deadly disease.

“Youth for Future” – Under the “Youth for Future” program, we aim to conduct trainings on: 

– Employability Skills Development 

– Communication and Soft Skills Development 

– Basics of Freelancing 

– Basics of Entrepreneurship 

We have organised a policy dialogue on “Skill Development of Youth for better employment opportunity” where Mr.Shahriar Alam, M.P. Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs was present as Chief Guest. Panelists include Saima Ahmed Councillor, Illford Town in Redbridge, London and Tasmiah T. Rahman, Head of Strategy and Business Development, BRAC. Also we had Our first masterclass “Smarketing With Psychological Pricing” turns to solid scientific research in psychology to uncover tricks you can use to increase sales by tweaking price. With Covid-19 still at large, the need for effective marketing is key, especially when it comes to digital space. When it comes to job market or career, the youth and the young professionals struggle to either get a job or grow their existing career in marketing. Lastly a Magic workshop was conducted with the youths of Shishuder Jonno Aamra (শিশুদের জন্য আমরা)”. We have introduced magic course for underprivileged youth (15-18 years old) as a mean for alternative earning source under RISE for motivating the workforce through youth entrepreneurship. Magic Course has been designed and conducted by the reputed magician Mr. Saba Haque Anik.