Dhaka South

Kh. Ashik Iqbal

2021 Local President


LP quote

I thank JCI Bangladesh Platform for giving me this splendid opportunity to serve as the Local President of JCI Dhaka South. To promote JCI Dhaka South as an alternative to create positive changes in our community by developing our mission and values. Unlike any other organization, we not only raise awareness through our online platform outlets but also take on actions whether within our global and local communities. This platform gives me a great experience to gain multidimensional leadership skills and I lead my own initiative. I have always tried to use my professional platform here to create a positive impact in our society. I always try to empower young people in our community, so they can be an example for their friends and family.

1st project

Enlighten Underprivileged Children with English Learning : The objective of this project is to empower underprivileged children by developing their English Communication skills. This project will equip the young underprivileged minds with proper English communication skills which they can utilize to bring positive changes in their families’ lives and overall underprivileged community. Our target group includes 40 underprivileged children who have been identified with the support of Volunteer for Bangladesh. Chairperson of this project is Moumita, Secretary General, JCI Dhaka South. We are focusing on the younger part of the underprivileged community because they are the future and they can learn new skills easily.

2nd project

BRAILLE BOOK for visually impaired kids with Sporsho : Most of us open two gifts in the morning-our Eyes. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to enjoy these gifts. Although there is Braille Technology available to help visually impaired people read and write. JCI Dhaka South feels we should be doing something for such visually impaired kids and put a smile on their faces by giving them the joy of reading. Hence, in association with Sporsho Braille Prokashona, we are ecstatic to launch “Ek Jhuri Rupkotha”. This project chairperson is Executive Vice President, Shababa Ishmam, JCI Dhaka South.100 visually impaired kids get to read stories on their own and are motivated by the morals of the stories.

3rd project

i Grow-Enabling Urban Farming Towards Sustainability : The objective of this project is to break the poverty cycle through providing a new skill of Urban farming to the selected underprivileged people living near Slum areas .Mega cities like Dhaka are getting populated at a fast speed and food demand is increasing at the same pace. To overcome this issue, we planned to develop urban farmers by selecting underprivileged people. For solving this issue our project partner and initiator is Paraa. Chairperson of this project is Sharara Khan, Director, JCI Dhaka South. JCI Dhaka South gave a first stage experiment which has already been carried out, providing seeds to korail community urban farmers and advocating for them.

SDG goals

No poverty 1, Quality Education 4, Gender equality 5, Reduced inequality 10, Responsible Consumption and Production 12