JCI Bangladesh Foundation

The aim and objectives of the Foundation is to promote positive human values and undertake advocacy programs to uphold the spirit of life and carry out or engage in philanthropic activities, skill development, social welfare and value competency etc. and work and/or collaborate with or complement to the relevant stakeholders including the Government and Government Agencies within Bangladesh directly by JCI Bangladesh Foundation or through JCI Bangladesh. It will assist and guide JCI Bangladesh National Governing Board to develop long term strategies, restructuring the organization for greater good and remain as a custodian of the JCI Bangladesh Constitution.

The Foundation will institute and maintain to one or more JCI Bangladesh Foundation Awards to one or more individual/s and or institution/s of the country for their outstanding contributions in the field of humanitarian and/or national development and/or any scientific, medical or educational (etc.) innovation. It will directly oversee the JCI Bangladesh Development Council and provide development opportunities and guidance to provisional Local Organizations of JCI Bangladesh. It will also finance projects run by JCI Bangladesh local Organizations that has potential to create long term sustainable positive changes in our society. 

The beneficiaries of the Foundation includes present and past members of JCI Bangladesh, poor and underprivileged people of Bangladesh, society and social development of Bangladesh and researchers in various field, intellectuals and persons having outstanding contributions in their respective fields that benefits the community/country.

Md. Shakawat Hossain Mamun (2016 National President, JCI Bangladesh) is the Chairman of the Foundation, Niaz Morshed Elite  (2021 National President, JCI Bangladesh) is the Secretary General of the Foundation and Ahmed Ashfaqur Rahman (2017 National President, JCI Bangladesh) is the Treasurer. In addition, JCI Bangladesh Foundation Trustee Members include Amzad Hussain (2014 National President, JCI Bangladesh) and M. Nazrul Islam (2015 National President, JCI Bangladesh).

Foundation Members

Md. Shakawat Hossain Mamun

2016 National President, JCI Bangladesh

Niaz Morshed Elite

Secretary General
2022 National President, JCI Bangladesh

Ahmed Ashfaqur Rahman

2017 National President, JCI Bangladesh

M. Nazrul Islam

Trustee Member
2015 National President, JCI Bangladesh

Amzad Hussain

Trustee Member
2014 National President, JCI Bangladesh