Sylhet Platinum

Masnun Akib Barbhuiya

2021 Local President


LP project

JCI is the opportunity for young entrepreneurs, who is doing good in their carrier, and also who wants to do something innovative in their carrier life, JCI is the platform where we can meet different types of people, from JCI we can improve our communication skills as well as their carrier. I myself got many opportunities from JCI, which is very much helpful for my business carrier.

1st project

Blanket distribution among underprivileged orphan madrasa students, that madrasa was in very rural area, where they cannot afford blankets, that was very impactful

2nd project

We have done an art competition among 200 students on mujib borsho which was on 17th march 2021, that competition was done among underprivileged students of SOS, they were encouraged by giving prices and food as well.

3rd project

JCI Sylhet platinum has arranged a circumcision program for 50 orphan madrasa students, who cannot afford, and also arranged food for them.

SDG goals